SA800SN - Feeding-Analysis
For determining the feeding capacity of Al-alloys

Compared to the measuring devices already available on the market, the new "Interdendritic Feeding Measurement" provides additional information about the feed capacity of a melt and prevents casting defects such as blowholes, sink marks and hot cracks.

The SA800SN divides the feeding types into 5 phases and calculates the percentage feeding degrees in the transition phase.

The volume contraction in the transition region from the liquid to the solid phase occurs abruptly in most casting alloys and can lead to various casting defects.

These influencing factors are reflected in different types of feeding and can be divided into: Liquid feeding, Mass feeding, Interdendritic feeding, Burst feeding and Solid feeding.

Further information:

With the device SA800SN, both a feed analysis and a "classical" thermal analysis (for the determination of grain refinement and modification, see e.g. TA750SN) can be carried out.

The system records the cooling process of a metal sample in detail and analyses it automatically. The temperature acquisition and measurement results are graphically displayed.

  • All measurements are identified and documented.
  • It is designed as a compact, mobile device for flexible use in production operations.
  • The sensor technology is calibrated by IDECO as standard with a certificate and seal.
  • The sample ingots and temperature sensors used are reusable, therefore conserving resources and reducing costs.
  • (one-handed lever) devices for precise positioning and for lowering again afterwards enables the safe and simple use of the thermal sensors.
  • Fan cooling of the sample ingots to room temperature guarantees consistent testing success and a good level of reproducibility.
  • The IDECO Feeding-Analysis system is network-compatible as standard and therefore offers every possibility for integration into the in-house QA system and for further processing of the data (e.g. with the IDECO "QS-Master" software) to facilitate evaluation of the measurements in even greater detail (derivative functions, energy coefficients, comparison curve analysis, magnification) (see also Quality Management / Software).

Tabular overview of the current measurements with sample identification and measurement result.

User-related identification of each measurement (e.g. "article", "customer", "batch", "furnace", "alloy", etc.) with plausibility check

Self-configurable selection or validation lists can simplify sample identification and avoid input errors.

Automatic measured value identification for frequently recurring entries, e.g. for follow-up measurements

Automatic recording and analysis of the cooling process of the metal sample with simultaneous graphic display

Detailed graphic display of the measurement result with indication of the points with thermal relevance. This enables verification of the measurement result.

Search and filter function for all stored measurements

Feeding-Analysis measurements can be subsequently supplemented with additional data (e.g. VAC-TEST / spectral / temperatures) and a comment

If a Density Index Analysis System is connected to this device, VAC-Test measurements can also be documented separately (without a feeding-analysis measurement)

Printout of measurements on a local or network printer (if available)

Customised software adaptations are of course possible

Secured system ("kiosk mode"). No access to the operating system for the operator

Manual backup of measurements on USB data carrier

Further individual functionalities are possible when connected to a network, e.g.:

  • Import of master data to facilitate or secure identification input
  • Import of alloy-related or article-related min./max. target values for results evaluation
  • Automatic transfer of additional data from other devices (e.g. spectral analysis)
  • Automatic export of measurement results to a CSV file
  • Automatic data backup to a network folder

Calibrated temperature reading acquisition with 60 measurements per second

Evaluation range from 720 - 450 °C (changes possible)

Highly accurate temperature resolution of 0.1 K

Automatic sensor system: Automatic raising and lowering for safe and simple temperature recording

Fanless industrial PC: Intel ATOM CPU, SSD, Windows 10 IoT LTSC

Compact keypad with wipeable dust protection membrane

15" LED monitor

Interfaces: USB, Serial D-Sub, Network RJ45

Fan drawer for cooling the sample ingots to room temperature

Can be used as a table-mounted device or a compact mobile device

Side casting ladle rack included

CE conformity

Tested according to DGUV provisions

  • Suitable for combination with the IDECO VAC-Test System & Density Index Analysis System
  • Spectral Data Transfer Module
    Software add-on module for automatic conversion of the measurement data of an existing spectral analysis device to provide the data for feeding-analysis
  • "NO-ANA" module
    Software add-on module for recording the temperature curve without automatic analysis, e.g. for alloy development and research
  • Extended temperature evaluation range possible

  • Design    Mobile Feeding-Analysis System produced from a powder-coated steel structure and anodised aluminium cladding and racks. With industrial fixed and swivel rollers with brake
  • Dimensions     approx. W: 550 x D: 630 x H: 1480 mm
  • Weight            approx. 110kg
  • Energy
    • 230V / 50Hz
    • 115V / 60Hz
    • 127V / 60Hz
    • and more

We provide a 24-month warranty. The prerequisite for this is annual servicing by IDECO GmbH. (12-month warranty with 3-shift operation)

  • Coated sampling ladle
  • Rack for sampling ladle
  • Ingot holder
  • Ceramic sample moulds
  • Temperature sensors
  • Ceramic sleeves
  • Tool paste
  • Operating manual