Temperature, measurement, control and documentation

As a device manufacturer, IDECO® offers a range of temperature measurement devices in the Temp-Control product range.

The temperature balance of a melt is crucial when producing a perfect cast part, in particular as a few degrees can be decisive. Controlling the melt temperature is therefore an essential task. 

Temperature losses in the foundries occur during the melting furnace - treatment furnace / treatment ladle - casting furnace / casting ladle / pouring ladle process, which must be controlled and managed. 

IDECO offers the perfect solution for this, be it as an integrated temperature measurement in conjunction with a Melt Clean degassing unit (TC180MC), as a networked digital thermometer (TC150) in conjunction with a barcode scanner or as a simple Ni-Cr-Ni thermometer (TC130RP), always with the aim of reducing fluctuations in the casting conditions and enhancing quality by preventing faults such as cold laps. 

Digital documentation increases the transparency of casting conditions, even across shifts. 

Insert probes in a range of different grades and lengths complete the range.