IDECO® offers a wide range of services as a device manufacturer:

Upon purchasing a device, we recommend that device commissioning be carried out by IDECO employees on the respective company site, together with appropriate induction or training of the operating personnel. Our customers always receive a certificate and test seal after commissioning and regular servicing. 

Calibration service:

IDECO® devices are outstanding not only due to process stability but also thanks to a long service life. To guarantee this, we recommend our regular calibration service, during which the devices are maintained, checked and adjusted if necessary.

Accessories and consumables service:

At IDECO®, we offer the complete range of accessories and consumables for our own devices, as well as further accessories such as barcode printers and scanners, and useful consumables such as coatings, temperature lances and ladles.

Device leasing and training:

If you would like to temporarily lease a test device, please get in touch with us. We regularly combine this service with training and employee induction. New employees or a need for refresher training are just some of the reasons we offer this service.

Custom software adaptations:

IDECO® is characterised in particular by the company's constant efforts to find optimum solutions for customer requirements - not only in the field of devices but also in particular through software solutions oriented towards the customer's individual foundry processes.