Quality Management

Individual networking of IDECO devices and other systems for central documentation and analysis

The objective of quality management is to ensure consistent quality, which can only be achieved through continuous testing and documentation of the work processes.

It is beneficial in this regards to have the results of the various measuring methods available not only locally on the individual test devices, but also centrally in order to meet the requirements of the digital Foundry 4.0.

It is possible to realise this by combining test devices to create a device network. IDECO devices and devices from other manufacturers - e.g. for spectral analysis, tensile testing and hardness testing - can be interlinked,

and it is possible to visualise and evaluate the data obtained in this way on an office workstation using the "QS Master" software. 

This facilitates the following, for example:

  • A rapid overview of the measurement results of an operation (e.g. a batch)
  • The display of key parameters
  • The execution of a dependency analysis as the interaction of the elements with grain refining and modification
  • Correlating melt cleaning as a function of duration and cleaning salt with the density index
  • Displaying process control from the last 24 h, 7 days, 100 batches
  • Increasing knowledge-based improvement potentials

Establishing a network

IDECO Quality Management

The network connection of IDECO test devices offers various practical advantages depending on the application, for example:

  • It is possible to perform the automatic backup of measurement data (e.g. on a file server)
  • Customer master data can be integrated to support measurement identification
  • Casting or alloy-related target values can be incorporated into the testing process
  • Devices can exchange information with each other
  • Data from other devices can be automatically transferred to a measurement as supplementary data
  • Centrally stored data enables the performance of further evaluations and analyses in the office
  • Additional data can be entered into the measurements from the office at any time

A network is always established on a user-specific basis and adapted to the local situation.

Existing IDECO devices that have not yet been interlinked can also be retrospectively integrated into a network. We shall be happy to identify the hardware and/or software adaptations required in your particular case.

Examples of different network configurations ...

Analysis software

IDECO Quality Management

The automatic acquisition and documentation of test and treatment data is an important factor in quality management and becomes even more significant with the integration of further process parameters for Foundry 4.0.

Many IDECO devices therefore come with built-in measurement data documentation. If the data from these devices is stored centrally via a network, it can be evaluated and analysed in even greater detail with the help of user-specific office software ("QS-Master"). 

IDECO software is individually tailored to the wishes and workflows of our customers, depending on requirements. 

Further information on analysis software ...

Measuring device software

IDECO Quality Management

Many IDECO devices come with built-in measurement data documentation (e.g. the Thermo-Analyser, Hydrogen-Analyser, VAC-TEST devices VT702SN / VT711SN). 

In the case of combination devices, the database of the "main device" (Thermo-Analyser or Hydrogen-Analyser) can always also be used to document the VAC-TEST data.

For VAC-TEST devices without a built-in documentation facility (e.g. DI-Terminal VT162SO), the user can record and manage the test data with their own PC. This takes place with the "DICON-BASE" software.

IDECO software is individually tailored to the wishes and workflows of our customers, depending on requirements.

Further information on measuring device software ...