Effective cleaning and degassing of aluminium melts.

IDECO® Melt-Clean Systems are used for cleaning aluminium. The impeller cleans the melt and removes the existing oxides. The dissolved hydrogen content is also regulated in order to reduce the pore potential and this enables the production of pore-free castings.

During melt treatment, an inert gas is fed into the melt through a special graphite rotor. This gas is finely dispersed by means of impeller technology and therefore dissolves the impurities from the melt and carries them to the surface of the bath. Due to the fineness of the gas bubbles, the surface of the melt remains quiescent, which avoids a new increase of oxides.

Our strengths lie in the fact that the impeller systems are adapted to a wide variety of local conditions (melting furnaces, transport ladles) and are individually designed for our customers. We cater to your wishes and offer you a wide range of options; as such, we successfully supply our systems for melt volumes from 12kg up to 12 tonnes around the world.

Would you like to satisfy the requirements of Foundry 4.0? In order to document your processes, IDECO® Melt-Clean systems are equipped with a network interface as standard, facilitating their evaluation with our qualified QS-Master software, control and monitoring at the control station or connection to existing MES systems.

The PLC-controlled Melt-Clean systems can be expanded with further control and monitoring technology modules. Following an expert consultation, an on-site visit and after taking your requirements into account, we devise the perfect solution together with you.

Here is an excerpt of the control and monitoring components that can be added:

  • Automatic addition of treatment agents (granulate feed with screw conveyor)
  • Automated treatment possible up to the desired hydrogen value/ real-time hydrogen measurement during operation
  • Forming gas operation (additional gassing with nitrogen / hydrogen mixture)
  • RFID furnace identifier for batch and furnace identification
  • Measurement of the melt temperature
  • Network connection and evaluation of the process parameters
  •  …..

Optimally coordinated treatment parameters are indispensable for achieving the best results. We shall be delighted to support you.