Experience gained across generations

Mitarbeiter IDECO

Aluminium has been the most important non-ferrous metal for around a century now. IDECO® has supported and contributed to the rapid development of aluminium metallurgy and the optimisation of material properties for over 30 years.

Dietger Dünkelmann founded IDECO® back in 1988. The company quickly developed into a leading supplier of testing and treatment technologies for molten metals in aluminium production and aluminium foundries. More than 30 years of experience and knowledge of all quality-critical parameters are incorporated in the measuring and treatment systems expertly developed and produced by IDECO®

Supply systems have gained in importance alongside the increased demands placed on the qualities of aluminium as a material. Cleaning the aluminium melt is subject to increasing levels of process control. New treatment methods have been added. The control and analysis of parameters such as hydrogen concentration, pore potential and grain refinement are growing in importance due to the need to deliver consistent quality whilst also satisfying increased requirements. IDECO® is supporting and accompanying the aluminium industry into the Industry 4.0 era with its own software and the networking of IDECO® testing and treatment devices. IDECO® delivers tailored solutions to customers around the world, with the aspiration of always being one idea ahead.

Employees make quality

IDECO Luftaufnahme

The bonding of individual atoms in the crystal lattice determines the properties of the metal. Equally, the bond that our employees have with each other and our company determines the outstanding quality of our products and services. Highly qualified, motivated and loyal employees support and underpin the wealth of long-term experience that is so important to our company.


The IDECO® guidelines

  • Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and we work together with them to create pioneering standards for the fabrication and production of aluminium around the world..
  • We can reflect back on a successful past, whilst being fully motivated to shape change and innovation for the future.
  • Working with self-initiative, our employees are the foundations of our product and service quality